Sunday, June 19, 2016

Pond Project 2012-2016

Eli (8th grade), Seth (6th grade), and Doug (5th grade) measuring for the 1st pond attempt in spring 2012.  Originally, we were going to use this donated pond liner.

Instead, they chose a preformed plastic pond liner that we spotted at Lowes on a shopping field trip.

The students' 2nd pond project attempt had some issues.  The water level was quite uneven.  The waterfall leaked.  The pond even popped out of the ground!  They had a lot of problems to solve.

We had some pond experts (Miss Terri's parents) bring a tamper, a level, and some much-needed pond-building experience later that spring.  We decided to repurpose a patio table and an old flower pot as our water feature.  We ran the water pump's tubing through the umbrella hole in the table and drilled a hole through the bottom of the pot.  We patched around the tubing with plumber's putty and added rocks to weigh down the pot.  As water filled the pot, it would tumble over the edge of the table and cascade into the pond.  It was glorious!  This is what the pond and landscaping looked like after four years of growth.

This adorable guy has been visiting for the last few years!

We have nine Koi.  Bella students love feeding time!

Former Bella students and original pond craftsmen left to right: Eli is now a senior, Doug is a freshman, and Seth is a sophomore.

Sadly, the glass table supporting the waterfall broke this winter.  I am counting on our current students to be a part of Pond Project 4.0 in 2016!