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Respect             Connected            Ownership            Autonomy
            Creativity              Work/Play            Self-Selected Goals           
 Critical Thinking           Fulfillment           Flow          Purpose                        
                 Unhurried           Depth                Multi-Age
Leadership          Documentation        Relevance        Perseverance
         Authentic                   Engaged                     Eternal Perspective
Reciprocity             Community              Emergent               Freedom
                  Curiosity               Stewardship               Living Books
Effort           Self-Propelled           Collaboration            100 Languages
        Responsibility         Character          Passion          Mastery
Independent                        Joy                      Question Generating
           Sense of Self            Project-Based          Capable       
Whole Child        Multi-Disciplinary       Scaffolded        Relational
         Motivation          Interest       Environment is 3rd Teacher     
Provocation            Narration                Ideas                  Wisdom
       Democratic        Problem-Solving         Gifts/Talents       Constructivist
                                           Trust the Process!