Thursday, February 18, 2016

No Homework!??

No homework!??  That’s right, Bella Natura’s students will not be asked to do homework most days.
Learning doesn’t just happen from 9:00 to 3:30 though.
There are some really important things that you can do at home.  READ together, DISCUSS each other’s days, take a WALK and notice God’s beautiful creation, play educational GAMES together, encourage
notice  how much MATH you use while shopping for groceries, pumping gas or paying bills, have your child WRITE down the shopping list, go to the LIBRARY, watch EDUCATIONAL TV programs, listen to MUSIC together while doing chores, let your children PLAY & RUN, type an EMAIL to Grandma, sit outside before bedtime and watch the STARS pop out, get involved in CHURCH, COMMUNITY, SPORTS, and private CLUBS & LESSONS, COOK a meal together reading the recipes and nutrition labels, DRAW, COLOR, PAINT, BUILD...just enjoy your life together as a family!
Not only do these activities and daily routines build family bonds, they contribute to your child’s academic skills and teach them valuable life skills.  Finally, after a tiring day at work, it could feel like a sacrifice to include your child in chores and conversations, but there is no better way to disciple the heart of your child!